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Does Exness offer a Deposit or No Deposit Bonus?

Many traders are looking for ways to increase their trading capital, and brokers offering deposit bonuses are attractive to them. Bonuses help to generate more capital and allow traders to explore the market with a larger capital. A bonus is simply a way of compensating a trader for choosing a broker. In this article we will answer the question, does Exness offer a deposit or no-deposit bonus? But before that, we’ll look at two crucial things.

What is a Deposit and No Deposit Bonus?

A deposit bonus is a percentage a broker offers to traders when they make deposits to their accounts. This means that a deposit is necessary to get the bonus. The percentage of the bonus is set by the broker, it could be 100% or 50% depending on which broker a trader chooses. 

On the other hand, a no-deposit is a special bonus offered by a broker after creating a forex trading account.  This bonus does not require a trader to make a deposit first. For the most part, the only thing traders need to do is to verify their accounts. The bonus a trader may receive varies from broker to broker. A point to note is that when choosing a broker a trader should not only consider what types of bonuses it offers but instead focus on the broker's reliability and quality of service. 

How Does Bonus Work In Forex Trading?

Bonuses offered by the broker help to entice a trader to open an account with them. In essence, brokers use bonuses to market their services. There are a variety of bonuses offered, all of which have a condition that must be met before receiving the bonus amount. For example, traders may receive bonuses known as rebates once they complete a certain trade volume regardless if a position is closed in profit or loss. 

So how it works is simple. For deposit bonuses, a trader has to make a deposit of a set amount or higher. On the other hand, for a no-deposit bonus, traders simply have to complete the registration process and verify their accounts. So, does Exness offer a deposit or no-deposit bonus? Let’s find out.

Is Deposit and No-Deposit bonus available On Exness?

Exness is one of the world’s leading brokers for trading forex and CFDs. From trading volume to the number of active users Exness has become one of the world's leading brokers in the forex market. Traders can invest in various markets including forex, indices, stocks, commodities, and energies. Additionally, it has regulations from various organizations in multiple jurisdictions. The regulations that this broker has include the the FCA in the UK, the CySEC in Cyprus, the FSCA in South Africa, and the CMA in Kenya.

Evidently, this broker has attractive offerings to traders. Unfortunately, it does not offer a deposit or no-deposit bonus to traders.  Despite this,  there are a lot of benefits when trading with Exness in spite of the absence of deposit and no-deposit bonuses. These include low fees, a wide selection of market instruments, industry-standard trading platforms, and ample regulations. For instance, they offer better than industry standard spreads on pro accounts which can be claimed from 200 USD.

Trading Forex and CFDs entail risk. Your capital is at risk.

Nonetheless, traders looking for quality brokers with bonuses should not worry. There are other reputable brokers in the market who offer bonuses to their clients. Let's look at one of the brokers.

Trading Forex and CFDs entail risk.

Your capital is at risk.

🏦 Regulation: IFSC, FCA, CySEC, ASIC 💰 Spreads: as low as 0.6 pips
⚖️ Max. leverage: 1:1000 ▶️ Min. deposit: 70 ZAR/5$
📊 Forex pairs: 55 🔎 Bonus: Yes (Deposit and No-deposit) offers traders both deposit bonuses and non-deposit bonuses. Additionally, XM will offer a special seasoned bonus for a limited time a few times a year. But our focus today will be the deposit and no-deposit bonuses offered by XM.

The no-deposit bonus offered by XM is straightforward. XM offers new traders a $30 no-deposit bonus for completing the sign-up and verification process. The registration process required to receive this bonus is simple and takes approximately 2 minutes to complete. While the no-deposit bonus is non-withdrawable, traders can withdraw all the profits they generate using this bonus. The only condition is that the trading volume in the relevant trading account reaches at least 10 micro-lots (0.1 standard lots), and provided that at least 5 round turn trades have been completed.

Further, XM also offers its traders a deposit bonus that is handed out in two tiers. The first tier is a 50% bonus on all deposits $1,000 and below (or when a trader receives up to $500 in bonus cash). The second tier is a 20% bonus on any deposits above $1,000 up to $23,500. If a trader deposits more than $1,000, they will receive a 50% bonus on the $1,000. On top of that, they will receive a 20% bonus on any amount that is above $1,000 up to $23,500. In total, a trader can receive up to $5,000 in bonus money. The deposit bonus applies only to the Standard, Micro, and Shares accounts, As such, it is not available on the XM Ultra Low Account.

Positively, this broker is regulated by several reputable organizations in the market including CySEC in Cyprus and the FCA in the UK. also offers a wide range of trading instruments for traders to choose from. These include forex, commodities, indices, stocks, shares, and energies. offers a variety of market-standard trading platforms. The lineup of the trading platform includes MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and Webtrader. The spreads are competitively low starting from as low as 1.0 pips on the standard account and 0.6 pips on the XM Ultra Low account.

How To Choose A Good Forex Trading Bonus 

A trader should not only consider bonuses as the main reason for choosing a broker. A trader should remember that the quality of a forex broker comes first and should consider various factors. These include regulations, market standard trading platforms, low fees, and a variety of markets the broker offers. Bonuses should be secondary. A trader should shortlist brokers that fit their preference and only then check through to find the one that offers the best bonuses. A trader can directly ask the brokers about the types of bonuses they have and if they can offer custom bonuses.

We also advise traders to do a lot of research and always read the terms and conditions when choosing a broker that offers bonuses. This is because brokers that offer high deposit bonuses of 100% or 200% can have shady terms that do not allow traders to access the bonus anyway.

Benefits of Bonuses

Free Trading Capital

A trader can use the bonus they receive as capital to start their trading career. The bonus received is risk-free and it's especially helpful to new traders because they are reluctant to use their own money. The money allows traders to gain useful exposure prior to investing their own money.

Market Experience

When used properly, bonuses can help traders gain experience in trading. The new traders can use the bonuses to understand the workings of the market while advanced traders can test out different strategies using the bonuses. Due to the high volatility of the forex market, information dictates whether a trader will gain profit or losses. Hence gaining experience when trading with risk-free funds will benefit a trader in the long run.

Familiarization with the broker's platform

Both deposit and no-deposit bonus helps a trader test out a broker's platform to a greater extent than the Demo account. The familiarization helps a trader choose the best trading platform that better suits their needs.

Final Thoughts

Both deposit and no-deposit bonus helps a trader kickstart their trading career with no risk. While Exness does not offer a deposit or no-deposit bonus, there are other brokers that do. When choosing a broker that offers a bonus you should consider other factors like spreads, regulations, market standard platforms, and a variety of trading instruments.