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Welcome Bonus Forex $30

Traders and brokers are involved in trading financial instruments to make maximum profits from the financial markets. Due to massive competition, brokers are always looking for creative ways to attract new clients (traders). One common marketing tactic among brokers is the promise of different types of bonuses (like a welcome bonus) which could be a fixed amount or a percentage of the trading deposit. A welcome bonus is usually credited to a trader's live trading account when they sign-up or deposit a minimum trading capital. 

Reputable brokers who give welcome bonuses are generally very transparent and state their terms and conditions on their websites. It is important to note that a welcome bonus should not be the only criterium for choosing a broker, as there are more important criteria like a broker’s regulation and trading fees. Though a welcome bonus seems to be an attractive offer, not all reputable brokers actually offer welcome bonuses.

Different Types Of Welcome Bonuses

Some brokers promise to give traders a fixed or variable amount of live trading capital when they sign-up for a live trading account or when they make their initial live trading deposit. A welcome bonus is a very attractive offer that is sure to attract traders provided all other factors like regulation and trading fees are also suitable for traders. After a detailed analysis of some of the best forex brokers that accept South African clients, we want you to understand that there are different types of welcome bonuses and most times terms and conditions apply. There is the deposit welcome bonus and the no-deposit welcome bonus. 

It is more common for the no-deposit bonus to be a fixed amount since traders do not have to deposit any money before receiving the bonus, all traders have to do is sign-up for a live trading account to receive the no-deposit welcome bonus. On the other hand, deposit welcome bonuses are usually a percentage of the initial live trading deposit that is made by a trader and there is usually a minimum live trading deposit that must be made before the trader qualifies to receive any deposit welcome bonus. Also, there is usually a maximum limit for the percentage-based deposit welcome bonus.

Best Forex Brokers with a $30 Welcome Bonus


Great Terms and Conditions

Trading Forex and CFDs entail risk.

Your capital is at risk.

🏦 Regulation: FSCA, FSA, VFSC 💰 Spreads: as low as 1.0 pips
⚖️ Max. leverage: 1:1000 ▶️ Min. deposit: 94 ZAR/5$
📊 Forex pairs: 50+ 🔎 Welcome Bonus: Yes, 30$ No Deposit

FXGT offers traders a $30 welcome bonus that does not have a deposit requirement which means it is a no-deposit bonus. This $30 welcome bonus is available for new clients and any recent clients who have not funded their accounts yet. The process of getting this bonus is pretty straightforward. All a trader has to do is register and complete the KYC verification process within 30 days. Notably, this $30 welcome bonus is only available on the Mini and the Standard+ accounts. As expected, traders cannot withdraw this $30 forex welcome bonus. But they can withdraw any profits they earn by trading with it so long as they have a trading volume of at least 2 GTLots.

FXGT gives traders access to a wide variety of trading instruments. These include CFDs on forex, cryptocurrencies, equity indices, stocks, synthetic cryptocurrencies, precious metals, and energies. These trading instruments are available on two main trading platforms which include MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. The spreads on both the Standard+ account and the Mini account start from as low as 1.0 pips with no commission charged.

On regulations, this broker is under strict supervision of the FSCA in South Africa and the FSA in Seychelles. This suggests that the broker is committed to following the financial laws of the countries in which it operates.

Great Terms and Conditions

Trading Forex and CFDs entail risk.

Your capital is at risk.

🏦 Regulation: FSC, ASIC, CySEC 💰 Spreads: as low as 0.6 pips
⚖️ Max. leverage: 1:1000 ▶️ Min. deposit: 94 ZAR/5$
📊 Forex pairs: 55 🔎 Welcome Bonus: Yes, 30$ No Deposit is a popular broker with over 3.5 million clients from 196 countries including South Africa and is regulated by CySEC in Cyprus, FCA in the United Kingdom, and FSC in Belize. Traders from South Africa are allowed to trade with a ZAR account. is one of the few reputable brokers that offer a no-deposit welcome bonus to new clients. All you have to do to qualify for this $30 no-deposit welcome bonus is to register and open a live trading account and there is no need to deposit money before you’ll be credited with the welcome bonus. (T&C Apply).

Also, offer a two-tier deposit welcome bonus which is currently 50% and 20%. The first bonus is 50% of your initial trading deposit and can be up to $500 or its currency equivalent. While the second bonus is 20% of your initial trading deposit and can be up to $4,500 or its currency equivalent. This two-tier bonus is applied to deposits from just 94 ZAR. Please note that on both bonuses terms and conditions apply, but they are pretty fair.


Trading Forex and CFDs entail risk.

Your capital is at risk.

🏦 Regulation: FSA, CySEC 💰 Spreads: as low as 0.7 pips
⚖️ Max. leverage: 1:1000 ▶️ Min. deposit: 25$
📊 Forex pairs: 73 🔎 Welcome Bonus: Yes, $30

Skilling has a $30 welcome deposit bonus that is available to all new traders. To get this bonus, traders need to register a real money account with Skilling and get verified. From there, traders need to deposit a minimum of $25 and that’s it. Skilling then deposits the $30 welcome bonus into the trader’s account. The $30 deposit bonus is not available to withdraw directly. However, any profits made from the bonus are withdrawable. Additionally, traders can use the deposit bonus as an extra margin in trading. However, traders can lose the welcome deposit bonus if there is no trading activity in their account for 90 consecutive days.

South African investors can use this deposit bonus to diversify their accounts using a variety of assets. Skilling offers traders in South Africa exposure to a variety of market products. These include markets such as forex, shares, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. These markets are available to trade using various trading platforms that include Skilling MetaTrader 4, Skilling Trader, and Skilling Copy. This allows traders to pick the trading platform they best prefer.

Notably, the spreads charged on this broker site are within market standards and depend on the account a trader is using. The standard account and the MT4 account have spreads as low as 0.7 pips for major currencies with no commission paid. On the other hand, the premium account features spreads as low as 0.1 pips with a commission from $30 per million traded upwards.

In terms of regulations, the broker has licenses from the CySEC in Cyprus and the FSA in Seychelles. Regulations alone will never be enough. However, having regulations from multiple organizations is usually a plus on a broker site.


Trading Forex and CFDs entail risk.

Your capital is at risk.

🏦 Regulation: FSCA, ASIC 💰 Spreads: as low as 0.9 pips
⚖️ Max. leverage: 1:400 ▶️ Min. deposit: 100$
📊 Forex pairs: 55 🔎 Welcome Bonus: Yes

AvaTrade is a reputable broker that is regulated by the FSCA in South Africa, ASIC in Australia, and DBI in Ireland. New traders with AvaTrade may be eligible to receive a welcome bonus on their initial live trading deposit. But unlike the XM $30 No Deposit Bonus, this is a deposit bonus. This means you have to deposit your money to receive the welcome bonus. This welcome bonus is often available and may have an expiry date. Also, eligibility for this deposit welcome bonus depends on jurisdiction but South African traders are qualified. Currently, the minimum live trading deposit to qualify for this welcome bonus offer is $200 and the welcome bonus is 20% of the initial deposit.

This means that the minimum welcome bonus is $40 on a $200 initial live trading deposit. If your Initial live trading deposit is more than $10000, you will need to discuss with your account manager to negotiate your welcome bonus. All live trading profits made on this welcome bonus can be withdrawn but the welcome bonus itself can not be withdrawn. (T&C Apply). If you already have a live trading account with AvaTrade, you can contact your account manager to know about other trading bonuses you may qualify for.

Benefits of Welcome Bonus Forex Brokers

No-deposit Welcome Bonus Is Zero Financial Commitment For Traders

A no-deposit welcome bonus is when a new client receives live trading capital from a broker for simply signing up for a live trading account without depositing any money. This is very attractive but not so common among brokers. No-deposit welcome bonus gives traders access to actual live market trading conditions without any financial commitment from the trader.

The trader literally has the opportunity to test out new strategies and get a feel of real live market conditions and fees with the broker without any initial investment. This no-deposit welcome bonus can be used to test-drive the broker’s trading conditions before the trader deposits his/her hard-earned trading capital to trade with the broker.

A Trading Capital Boost For More Experienced Traders

Experienced forex traders have more control over their trading psychology when compared to beginner traders. Hence, a deposit welcome bonus is simply a cool addition to their trading capital and has nothing to do with developing their trading psychology.

Professional traders have decided to dedicate a notable part of their daily lives to monitoring and trading the forex market with the sole aim of making profits over a long period of time. Hence, a deposit welcome bonus is definitely an attractive offer that increases their initial trading capital with the broker.

A Great Motivation For Beginner Traders

A deposit welcome bonus can be a great source of motivation to start live trading for beginner traders who are on the path to becoming professional traders. With proper money management, it is going to take a sizable amount of trades before a trained beginner trader loses a 20% or 50% deposit welcome bonus. This deposit welcome bonus is a great motivation for trained beginner traders to finally take the leap to start live trading.

Ideally, trained traders start practicing trading by backtesting and/or demo trading before moving on to live trade. When demo trading and backtesting, there is reduced mental pressure because of no financial commitment but a deposit welcome bonus will definitely reduce the psychological pressure of live trading for beginner traders.

FAQ - Welcome Bonus Forex Brokers

Can I withdraw my trading bonus?

A welcome bonus is a type of trading bonus that is usually only available to new clients. The terms and conditions for withdrawing your bonus differ from a broker to broker and the best practice is to verify this information directly with your broker. However, most brokers let you withdraw all profits made on all types of welcome bonuses- deposit and no deposit.

Also, all reputable brokers we found state that you can not withdraw the actual welcome bonus itself. If you already have a live account with a broker, you do not qualify for a welcome bonus but you can contact your personal account manager to know other trading bonuses that you may qualify for.

Which forex broker gives a free welcome bonus without a deposit?

We can only mention reputable brokers because they are trusted by their clients. Therefore, seems to be one of the best brokers that offers a $30 no-deposit welcome bonus. As a forex trader, will give you a $30 free welcome bonus without requiring you to make any deposit. When you decide to make your first live trading deposit, also offers a deposit welcome bonus which is usually a percentage of your initial trading deposit.


There are so many forex brokers and choosing the best one that fits your unique trading needs can be overwhelming. A welcome bonus (deposit or no deposit) is an attractive offer but it is more important to check out a broker’s regulatory licenses and trading conditions. and AvaTrade are some of the best forex brokers (who accept South African clients) that give welcome bonuses, are licensed by reputable regulatory bodies, and have fair trading fees.