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Forex Brokers With $10 Minimum Deposit

While the number of South African forex traders grows, some of its traders may be unable to spare large sums of money for investment. Therefore, brokers that offer low minimum deposits may be attractive to them. Furthermore, the low deposit allows beginners to explore the ins and outs of the market with low risk while also learning what a particular broker has to offer. Additionally, traders can gradually increase their investments in small portions as they gain confidence in trading. Today we will look at some of the best brokers with a $10 minimum deposit in South Africa. Let’s jump right in.

Best Forex Brokers With $10 Minimum Deposit


Trading Forex and CFDs entail risk.

Your capital is at risk.

🏦 Regulation: FSCA, CMA, CySEC, FCA 💰 Spreads: as low as 0.3 pips
⚖️ Max. leverage: 1:Unlimited ▶️ Min. deposit: $10/193ZAR

Exness is one of the brokers that accepts a $10 minimum deposit. The broker is regulated by several reputable organizations including the FSCA in South Africa, the CySEC in Cyprus, and the FCA in the UK. Such regulations from reputable organizations help win the trust of traders in the market.

Further, Exness has different accounts for advanced and beginner traders to choose from. For beginner traders standard accounts are more suitable due to stable spreads and no requotes. The standard accounts include the standard and the standard cent, both of which have spreads as low as 0.3 pips for major currency pairs with no commission. The professional accounts include the raw spread and zero accounts with spreads as low as 0.0 pips with commissions. The commission on the raw spread account is fixed at $3.5 per side per lot. On the other hand, the commission on the zero account is floating starting from $0.2 upwards. The Pro account comes with ultra-low spreads as low as 0.1 pips with no commissions required.

Lastly, Exness offers a wide variety of trading instruments for traders to diversify their trading portfolios. Traders can invest in several global markets including crypto, forex, commodities, stocks, metals, and indices. Exness also offers world-class trading platforms for trading. The trading platforms include MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, Exness Terminal, and Exness Trade app. The variety enables traders to choose a platform that best suits their needs.

IQ Option

Trading Forex and CFDs entail risk.

Your capital is at risk.

💰 Spreads: as low as 0.6 pips 📊 Forex pairs: 31+
⚖️ Max. leverage: 1:500 ▶️ Min. deposit: $10/193ZAR

IQ Option is yet another broker with a $10 minimum deposit and accepts South African traders. With the small investment, traders can spread their risk across various global markets offered by the broker. The global markets offered by IQ Option include forex, stock, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, and ETFs. What's more, IQ Option features some spreads that are as low as 0.6 pips for major currency pairs with no hidden fees.

Lastly, IQ Option offers an advanced trading platform to its traders built by the company itself. The platform offered by the broker is available on Windows, Android, and iOS. The trading platform has some of the fastest execution speeds and is easy to use for both advanced and new traders. On top of that, it has advanced charting capabilities for technical analysis.


Trading Forex and CFDs entail risk.

Your capital is at risk.

▶️ Min. deposit: $10/193ZAR 💰 Spreads: as low as 1.0 pips
⚖️ Max. leverage: 1:999

Libertex minimum deposit accepted by the broker starts from as low as $10 which is affordable for most South African traders. 

Once traders make a deposit, Libertex gives them access to a variety of trading instruments. These include CFDs on stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, indices, oil and gas. The spreads offered by the broker can go as low as 1.0 pips for major currency pairs. What's more, South African traders can invest in the various markets using various trading platforms that the broker offers. The platforms offered include Libertex Trader, MetaTrader 4, and MetaTrader 5.


🏦 Regulation: CMA, CySEC, FCA 💰 Spreads: as low as 1.5 pips
⚖️ Max. leverage: 1:2000 ▶️ Min. deposit: $10/193ZAR

FXTM traders can invest in some of the biggest markets worldwide with just a $10 minimum deposit. South African traders can choose various trading platforms offered by the broker. That includes the MetaTrader4 which is one of the most popular trading platforms around the world. The other platforms are MetaTrader 5 and FXTM Trader. The platforms are free to download on PC, Mac, Mobile, and tablet.

Further, FXTM offers various trading instruments from various markets. Clients can invest in over 1,000 CFDs on forex, stocks, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, and shares. The diversity offered by the broker is a welcomed feature by any investor in the market. Moreover, the broker boasts of having some of the lowest fees when trading.

FXTM offers various trading accounts to its traders. The accounts include Micro, Advantage, and Advantage Plus. South African traders can choose among the trading accounts offered by the broker depending on the spreads they are comfortable with. The micro and advantage plus accounts have spread as low as 1.5 pips for major currency pairs with no commissions. The Advantage account features a spread as low as 0.0 pips for major currency pairs with a small average commission of $0.4-$2 based on volume.

Lastly, the broker is regulated by several well-known regulators in the market. These include CySEC in Cyprus and the FCA in the UK. It is also under the regulation of the CMA in Kenya.


🏦 Regulation: FSC, CySEC 💰 Spreads: as low as 1.3 pips
⚖️ Max. leverage: 1:2000 ▶️ Min. deposit: $10/193ZAR

RoboForex traders have options when it comes to choosing a trading account. The accounts available include Prime, ECN, and Pro accounts. These accounts feature different kinds of spreads and commissions depending on which account a trader chooses. The accounts with ECN pricing feature floating spreads starting from 0.0 pips and a commission paid. The commission is variable and depends on the asset a client is trading. Traders can find the specific commissions under the contract specifications page. The accounts with ECN pricing include the Prime, ECN, and RStocksTrader accounts. The Pro and ProCent accounts feature spreads starting from as low as 1.3 pips for major currency pairs. 

RoboForex offers a low minimum deposit of $10 to South African traders. The low amount allows South African traders to invest and spread their risk in a variety of trading instruments across several global markets. The trading instruments available include forex, stocks, ETFs, metals, indices, cryptocurrencies, energies, and futures.

RoboForex offers various trading platforms for trading the financial markets. South African traders can choose between MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, R StocksTrader, R MobileTrader, and R WebTrader. The available trading platform a trader can choose depending on their preference.

While RoboForex is not regulated in South Africa, the broker has regulations from one reputable organization in the market. The broker is regulated by the CySEC in Cyprus and follows there strict rules and regulations. In South Africa, they operate under a Belize-based regulator the FSC.

Benefits Of A Minimum Trading Deposit of $10

Risk Management

Beginner traders should consider starting trading with brokers that offer a low deposit to reduce their risk while learning the market. Moreover, beginner traders can spread the risk across the various markets as they learn which ones best suit them.

The low deposit is advantageous to advanced traders who want to test different strategies with minimal risk. An important point to note is that a broker offering a minimum deposit of $10 may also have different account types including cent and micro accounts. A trader should double-check that they are opening the right account.

Increased Market Accessibility

The increased affordability of the minimum deposit greatly lowers the entry barrier for forex trading. As such, more and more South Africans can trade with the various brokers with $10 minimum deposits. Even people with low incomes and small capital can invest in the various financial markets offered by these brokers.


A broker that offers a minimum deposit of $10 is advantageous to traders because they will not require large capital to begin trading. This is an amount that is affordable to most investors even in third-world countries. In South Africa, this is a manageable amount for people who want to trade in financial markets.

Traders Can Start Low

Due to the low minimum deposit, traders can start low and increase their investment gradually over time. This means that they do not have to raise the full amount they desire to invest at the start. Over time, they can grow their investments and control larger positions in the market. The advantage of this approach is that the traders would have more experience by the time they top up their investment capital.

Final Thoughts

South African traders have access to a variety of brokers that offer a minimum deposit of $10, $5 or no minimum deposit. The brokers on this list have some of the lowest spreads, a variety of trading instruments, world-class trading platforms, and are regulated by reputable organizations. The low minimum deposit is advantageous to both beginner and advanced traders due to low risk, general affordability, and increased market access.

The list of brokers we have listed is not extensive. There are other brokers that did not make it to the list. We advise traders to do a lot of research and find the best broker that better suits their needs. Prioritize regulations as they speak on the willingness of a broker to follow strict financial laws.