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21st JORDAN Financial Expo 2022

Jordan Financial Expo & Award, which has been successfully organized 20 times before, will be held for the 21st time on 1-2 November 2022. The JFEX 2022 event will be held at the Mövenpick Hotel in Amman, the capital city of Jordan, with the slogan "Navigating the Future". The main topics of the event are Forex, Cryptocurrency and Fintech.

Everyone interested in fintech is invited to the event, which will be held with speakers from dozens of brokers, exchanges, investment companies, and invited investors from all over the world. JFEX 2022 is a conference that will be held through many elite sponsors and international leading partners. As in previous conferences, important executives from many leading organizations of the online commerce world will speak at the conference.

Award-winning broker Exness, as a strategic partner of JFEX 2022, will be present at the conference for the fourth time in a row. ATFX, the new exclusive official partner of the conference, is also one of the participants of the event. For those interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Cryptopolitan and Crypto News will be at the conference as media partners of JFEX.

How Do I Register for JFEX 2022?

How Do I Register for JFEX 2022? Attending the conference is easy and free. You can request a free ticket to attend the conference by filling out the form at If you have comments or questions, you can ask via the form or contact the JFEX team using the contact addresses.

Important details

Why Should I attend the conference?

If you want to get acquainted with the giant actors of the global online financial market and have information about the future of the market, this conference is for you. The information you will gain at the conference can drastically change your real-time decision-making processes in online business. The financial market in the world is developing online and investors are keeping up with the right strategies and models.

Thanks to this conference, you can learn vital information, which you can learn by experiencing many financial losses, free of charge. You can participate in B2C and B2B meetings to manage the risks you will take for your future financial goals, and you can take stronger steps to expand your portfolio.

JFI Awards

The Jordan Financial Innovation Awards (JFI Awards) aim to celebrate the innovative and good initiatives of companies in the digital assets, fintech, online trading, forex, banking, blockchain and payments industries. The JFI awards are a great resource to monitor what's going on in this industry and to see which companies have projects and how. Entrepreneur JFI awards make it easier for new and exciting projects in financial services to gain a foothold in the sector.

Conference Data and Speaker list

  • JFEX 2022 will be held on 1-2 November 2022 at the Mövenpick Hotel in Amman. All speakers, companies and event schedules will be announced soon.
  • 30 expert speakers from different countries and institutions will come to the event.
  • The conference with the slogan Navigating the Future will have 2000 attendees.


Mobile Phone: +962-799141718

Line Phone: +962-65516460


Location: Mövenpick Hotel, Al Rabiah Amman, Jordan